Rare Pulse Autocycle!

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RARE, Pulse Autocycle manufactured by the Owasso Motor Car Company in Owasso Michigan. 


What is it?  It looks like a Jet Aircraft, but it’s actually considered a motorcycle.  Some States register it as a motorcycle, some an automobile because it has 4 wheels and others consider it a trike.  It’s one of the most unusual and rare collector vehicles you will find anywhere.


The “Pulse” was the brainchild of the world renowned aeronautical engineer, Jim Bede.  The late Jim Bede designed and built the worlds smallest jet aircraft, the BD-5.  You may remember seeing a BD-5 in the James Bond film, Octopussy.   Well, the “Pulse” was designed using the familiar style cockpit of the BD-5, except it was built as an everyday, fuel efficient mode of transportation.  It is believed that 300 or so Pulses were built from the mid eighties to the early 1990’s.  Of that 300, less than 100 are still around and less than that are still in good condition and road worthy. 


Pulse was a futuristic designed mode of transportation that you will find in several famous movies.  In 2 different “Back to the Future” movies with Michael J Fox,  you will see a Pulse during by in multiple scenes.  A Pulse from that movie is still stored away at Disney World along with other vehicles and props. 


About this Pulse…

It is titled as a 1985 model.  This is unit #142 out of 300 or so.  The VIN is#17JTW12R8FM000142.   This Pulse was owned by a Micro Car Collector who purchased it in 1989 from a Surf Shop owner in Panama City Florida.  The surf shop (Surfline) used it as a rolling billboard for their store and had marketing materials printed with the Pulse on it.  It had only been driven less than 1000 miles since new.  The Collector who purchased it from the surf shop drove it to many shows in the Birmingham Alabama area over his time of ownership.  In January, 2022 it was sold to another collector.  Since the Pulse had not been driven in 10 years, the current owner made some mechanical upgrades and service done.  The fuel tank was removed and cleaned out, fuel filters replaced, the carburetors were removed from the engine and professionally rebuilt and the brake lines were all replaced.  The Pulse cranks and idles perfectly now!

The last tag was put on the Pulse 10 years ago.  We have driven it around on our auction center lot and it seems to shift out and run great. 


This Pulse retains all of its original factory equipment.  The odometer shows 890 miles.  We don’t know if the mechanical odometer is working, but we believe based on the owners history that it has very, very low miles!  This Pulse has it’s original glass windshield which is very valuable and almost impossible to replace.  Your only replacement is an aftermarket plastic windshield.  We believe that the paint is original as is the interior.  This could be the lowest miles original Pulse out there.  It is sold as is, where is as al of our collector car auctions are.  This Pulse comes with a clear Alabama title and a great collection of documents including original brochures, literature, historical information about this unit and an original owners manual.


Pulses have skyrocketed in value in recent years with some selling at auction for as much as $57,000 (Mecum).  They are one of the most unique collector vehicles you can find anywhere.  Drive one down the road and expect traffic to come to a stand still.  People call the police and report that an airplane has landed on the highway.  You will get pulled over by a distressed law enforcement officer, but no worries, it has a automobile/motorcycle tag on the back, registration and title.  The police offer will keep you tied up for an hour looking at it and asking questions.  Pull into a gas station and be ready for an hour wait before you can leave. Everyone pulls in to find out what it is.  Take it to any car or motorcycle show and you will steal the show!  A Pulse will draw more attention than a $250,000 supercar or the most expensive muscle car there.


The Pulse is located at the Pearce Auction Center in Alabaster, Alabama and is available for inspection Monday through Friday, 10am - 4pm.  We encourage all potential bidders to come inspect it in person.  Payment will be made by Cash, Certified Funds or Bank Wire Transfer within 3 business days of the auctions ending.  We can hold the Pulse up to 30 days if you are out of state or out of country and need to arrange for shipping.


This is a rare ride!  Don’t miss it.  Bid Your Price.

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